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    Shakespeare on Toast is now published! (and available in all good bookshops…)

    10 days…

    … ’til Toast publishes…

    News of press and interviews to follow… Watch this space…

    Sir Richard Eyre…

    …has this to say about Toast…

    Ben Crystal’s excellent book is an ideal way to gain an understanding of why Shakespeare is so brilliant, and so enjoyable.

    Judi Dench loves Toast

    Four months to publication, the wonderful and very kind Judi Dench has this to say about Shakespeare on Toast:

    This is a brilliantly enjoyable look at Shakespeare which dispels the myths and makes him accessible to all. I love it!

    Welcome to Shakespeare on Toast – Getting a Taste for the Bard

    Hi, and welcome to the Shakespeare on Toast website.

    I’ve set this site up as a base for my new book Shakespeare on Toast – Getting a Taste for the Bard, published by Icon Books in September 2008.

    In times to come, there’ll be details of literary festival talks, reviews, and anything else interesting I can think of.

    There’s also a Facebook group that’s been set up, for those of you that do, and a space there for a discussion forum.

    Meet the AuthorIf you’d like to hear more about the book, and exactly why it’s different from all the other books on Shakespeare, click here for the video I recorded for Meet the Author, or you can click on the Amazon link over to the right under Toast Links, to pre-order the book.

    Thanks for visiting…